Data Machine Learning

Set up chains from ingestion to API exposure and data visualization

Role :

You are part of the Data Center, you set up end-to-end data processing chains in premise and cloud environments and in a devops culture, you will work on brand new products, for a wide variety of functional areas (Engineering, Connected Vehicle, Manufacturing, IoT, Commerce, Quality, Finance), with a solid team to support you, contributing to the business value of Data oriented products.

General Responsibilities :

During the project definition:

  • Participation in the selection of services / solutions to be used according to usage, in the development of a data toolbox¬†
  • Design of data ingestion chains, data preparation chains, database ML algorithms, data products, NoSQL data models, data visualizations

During the iterative implementation phase

  • Implementation of data ingestion chains, data preparation chains, data products, database ML algorithms, data visualizations, distributed processing mode
  • Use of ML framework
  • Exposure of data products
  • Setting up NoSQL databases
  • Use of functional languages
  • Identification and cataloguing of reusable elements
  • Contribution and opinion on data processing problems
  • During integration and deployment - participation in problem solving

Skills :

  • Expertise in the implementation of end-to-end data processing chains
  • Mastery of distributed development, Scala and/or Python, the use of data notebooks
  • Ease in debugging Spark and distributed systems
  • Extension of complex systems
  • Strong problem-solving skills, intelligence, initiative and ability to withstand pressure
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and a strong sense of communication (ability to go into detail)

Profile :

  • Basic knowledge and interest in the development of ML algorithms, ingestion frameworks, Spark and its various modules
  • Expertise in data testing strategies
  • Knowledge of the AWS or GCP ecosystem, NoSQL databases,¬†
  • Knowledge in the construction of data products and Dataviz tools and libraries APIs


Boulogne-Billancourt, France
7 positions


Between 3 and 5 years


  • Python/R
  • Tensorflow/PyTorch
  • Spark(Scala)/PySpark